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ask /ɑ:sk/ động từ hỏikhổng lồ ask the time: hỏi giờ xin, đề nghị, thỉnh cầulớn ask a favour of someone: xin ai một quánh ânto ask somebody toàn thân lớn vày something: hưởng thụ ai làm cho gì mờikhổng lồ ask someone to dinner: mời cơm ai đòi hỏiit asks attention: điều này yên cầu sự chụ ý đòilớn ask 600đ for a bicycle: đòi 600đ một cái xe đạp (thông tục) chuốc lấykhổng lồ ask for trouble; khổng lồ ask for it: chuốc rước sự phiền hậu luỵto lớn ask about hỏi vềto ask after hỏi thămask me another! (thông tục) băn khoăn, đừng hỏi tôi nữa!khổng lồ ask the banns (xem) bann
hỏigiá xin chào bánask for a loan (khổng lồ...)hỏi vay tiềnask for a loan (khổng lồ...)xin vay nợask for permission (khổng lồ...)xin phépask priceđòi hỏi biết tin về giáask the price (to lớn...)hỏi giá



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Từ điển Collocation

ask verb

1 put a question to sb

ADV. gently, quietly, softly ‘How bởi you feel?’ she asked softly. | amiably, conversationally, politely ‘Did you sleep well?’, he asked politely. | belligerently, crossly, icily, nastily, querulously, sarcastically, slyly, testily | casually, dryly, innocently ‘Oh, Sue went too, did she?’ I asked innocently (= pretending I did not know that this was important). | curiously, incredulously, pointedly, suspiciously | anxiously, apprehensively, fearfully, solicitously ‘Will he be all right?’, Sabrimãng cầu asked anxiously. | legitimately We can legitimately ask what competence an official based in Whitehall has lớn solve sầu the problems of rural Scotlvà. | rhetorically

VERB + ASK long khổng lồ, want to lớn She longed to ask Mary if she knew what was wrong. I wanted lớn ask him a question. | dare (to) I wondered how old she was but I didn"t dare ask. | forget khổng lồ I completely forgot lớn ask his name.

PREP.. about He asked about her family.

PHRASES get asked sth I often get asked that. | if you don"t mind me/my asking How old are you?if you don"t mind my asking?

2 request sth

ADV. nicely If you ask her nicely, she"ll give sầu you a sweet.

PREPhường. for asking for money

Từ điển WordNet


Bạn đang xem: Ngữ pháp: ask for nghĩa là gì, nghĩa của từ ask trong tiếng việt

make a request or demvà for something to somebody

She asked hyên ổn for a loan

direct or put; seek an answer to

ask a question

require or ask for as a price or condition

He is asking $200 for the table

The kidnappers are asking a million dollars in return for the release of their hostage

address a question lớn và expect an answer from

Ask your teacher about trigonometry

The children asked me about their dead grandmother

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. See amplitude shift keying.

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Bloomberg Financial Glossary

卖方报价卖方报价This is the quoted ask, or the lowest price an investor will accept lớn sell a stock. Practically speaking, this is the quoted offer at which an investor can buy shares of stock; also called the offer price.

Investopedia Financial Terms


The price a seller is willing to accept for a security, also known as the offer price. Along with the price, the ask quotewill generally also stipulate the amount of the securitywilling lớn be sold at that price.Sometimes called "the ask".
Investopedia Says: