Worst experience with luggage

Worst experience with luggage . Cathay pacific at Mumbai weighed the backpack also . One máy tính xách tay bag with cabin bag is always allowed but they weighed it and charged money from everyone. They charged thousands of Rupees from everyone. Never travel by Cathay pacific .

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Did not honour our departure airport…

Did not honour our departure airport after cancelling our return flight, dumping us in heathrow instead of returning us khổng lồ manchester airport. The customer service is extremely unhelpful & will just wear you down until you stop. The worst service and unhelpful responses ive ever experienced.


Outstanding service

Outstanding service - Cathay cancelled our planned flight khổng lồ Germany from Melbourne and rebooked us lớn leave a few days later. This date did not suit our plans so I decided khổng lồ cancel our flights and book with another carrier. Cancelled over the phone through their gọi centre and was delighted khổng lồ get our refund just seven days later, despite their helpful operator advising it could be 9 lớn 12 weeks. Well done Cathay - we'll definitely consider using you in future.

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No more 5 Stars Airline

Booked a ticket form HKG lớn SIN. I knew there's uncertainty during the pandemic, but how could the 4 time World's Best Airline cancel the flight without notifying the passengers? no email nor sms!CX used to be the pride of my home town. So sad to see it decayed like that.

Rescheduling Process Took Way Too Long

All my flights from Canada khổng lồ Vietnam were canceled a month or two before my trip so I called them lớn reschedule the flights. It took them forever lớn confirm my new flights and send me a new itinerary. I had to điện thoại tư vấn them again 1-2 weeks before the trip khổng lồ ask for an update and even then, not all of reservations were confirmed. My flight from Saskatoon khổng lồ Vancouver apparently needed an update from the Hong Kong team who needed to connect with Air Canada. That again took extremely long. I had to gọi them almost every single day khổng lồ ask about the flight just to get the same response of "Don't worry, you are assured lớn get on the flight" or "We still need to her back from the Hong Kong Team" or "We will điện thoại tư vấn you as soon as we have any update". Up until 3 days before the trip, I did not receive a single gọi or thư điện tử regarding the issue. On that day, I had to gọi them constantly for 5 hours, talking khổng lồ numerous agents without being khổng lồ make any progress. And, at the last minute, they informed me that the FLIGHT WAS NO LONGER IN THE SYSTEM. Apparently, Air Canada decided khổng lồ prioritize their passengers & I couldn't get on the flight anymore despite having requested it months ago. This MISCOMMUNICATION between airlines COST ME $600 to book myself a last-minute flight with another airline (Westjet) from Saskatoon lớn Vancouver to catch other flights. That was the cheapest ticket I could find which unfortunately left a day early than my planned trip. So I had lớn stay at the Vancouver airport more than 24 hours. And since it was too sudden, I could not make any hotel reservations và had lớn sleep on a wooden bench in a food court where people talked throughout the night. Also, due lớn the small number of Cathay Pacific flights from Vancouver khổng lồ anywhere else, there was not a single agent I could talk khổng lồ in person. I couldn't even check in my luggages early và had to lớn sleep with two 23-kg boxes and 2 extra carry ons. I was extremely disappointed with Cathay Pacific. Initially, I thought their customer service was good as they were nice và tried lớn book new flights for me when I requested. But, their inability to communicate with other airlines or even among their teams slowed everything khổng lồ an extreme. Khổng lồ make it even worse, their refund/compensation policy makes no sense. They couldn't fly me out khổng lồ Vancouver but they REFUSED to give me a refund for that particular flight. They told me that if I wanted a refund, I would need to cancel the trip for a complete refund. Now, I don't know who I talk to about this issue lớn demand a fair explanation and compensation. I already filed a complaint but looking at how terrible their communication is, I don't think I would even hear back from them.