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This is NMD R2, the second model in NMD line of shoes. I have reviewed the NMD R1. You may kiểm tra it out later. NMD is also known as nomad. It’s a line of shoe specifically designed for nomadic lifestyle. NMD R1 was released in 2015. Though it wasn’t endorsed by any celebrity, it gained popularity quickly. The shoe is considered one of the best Adidas lifestyle sneakers. It’s still considered by many people as their favourite lifestyle sneaker.

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This NMD R1 and R2 has a lot in common. The primeknit upper và the Boost midsole are very noticeable features of these lifestyle sneakers. The shoes have similar outsole and they both feature heel pull tab. This pull tab enables easy slip on và off.

Obvious difference between those two models is the midsoled blocks. NMD R1 has more than one block in the midsole, but that is not the case for the NMD R2. NMD R2 features only one large midsole block in the medial side. Reviewers consider this as an advantage since it renders the shoe lightweight. However, there are reviewers that complained that the NMD R2 midsole block somehow makes their feet feel uncomfortable.


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A Quick đoạn clip Review

Kaizer in his đoạn phim talked about the pros và cons of the NMD R2. Some of the pros he talked about are the boost sole, the breathable material upper, the pull tab, and the tongue. Regarding the cons, he talked about the trắng outsole and the EVA midsole block.

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If you want to lớn know what reviewers are saying, read their positive and negative opinions highlighted below.


Quite a high number of reviewers gave their thoughts on the NMD R2. After going through their reviews, it’s quite obvious that most of them are happy with the shoe. They commented on the aesthetic, quality, comfort, fit, boost foam, overall feel, price, versatility, và comparison with the previous model. On the other hand, the few reviewers that are not too happy with this model commented on the fit, comparison with the previous model and how the white sole gets dirty easily.


Most customers recommended Adidas NMD R2Reviewers applauded the amazing look và feel of the shoeMajority of reviewers said that the chất lượng is perfectThe highest percentage of reviewers appreciated the comfort of NMD R2Reviewers appreciated the Boost foam as it makes the shoe more comfortableCustomers are happy because the shoe is a value for moneySome users said that the shoe does well in gymThere are several users that said they want lớn get second pair of the shoe because of its comfort và great lookThe boost technology keeps my feet from being sore despite spending hours in the gym, a user remarkedLooks great, stylish, perfect fit, versatile, và very comfortable are the words many users used to lớn describe the NMD R2


Some reviewers with wide feet said that the shoe is a bit tight for them và recommend going half a kích cỡ downThere are some reviewers that feel that NMD R1 is better than this new modelA number of reviewers complained about the discomfort of the block in the midsoleA reviewer said that the only cons is the inside material makes the shoe a bit sweaty.

Bottom Line

The Adidas NMD line of shoes is one of the most popular shoes Adidas has ever released. The popularity of the first version is still growing so does that of NMD R2. Many fans find NMD R2 very comfortable & lightweight, thanks khổng lồ the boost sole và the breathable mesh upper.

Some very lightweight, comfortable, and versatile shoes are hyped at a very high price but reverse is the case for the NMD R2. The price is very affordable. Reviewers commented that the shoe is a value for money.

It’s worth noting that not all the fans are too happy with this new version. In comparison, some fans vày prefer the NMD R1 lớn the NMD R2. There are other fans that are happy with the versatility, fit and overall comfort of the shoe.

You can find NMD R2 inAmazonorAdidas. You can also find different colourways of the shoe inFoot Locker.

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The another version of the shoe called NMD R2 Primeknit is also available in the market, but you will get it at a higher price. You can kiểm tra it out here:Adidas NMD R2 Primeknit

Additional Information

Upper, midsole, và the outsole are usually the essential features that define a shoe. The upper covers the back of the foot, the instep, & the toe area. It is the part above the sole, usually fixed khổng lồ the sole. The midsole stands as the middle layer between the outer & inner sole while the outer sole or outsole is the outer layer that directly makes contact with the ground. The outsole provides the friction that enables it to avoid slipping. It ensures surface gripping while working or running.


NMD R2 features the Adidas iconic primeknit upper. It is breathable and lightweight & enable snug fit. The Adidas branding can be found on the tongue. A heel pull tab located at the back enables easy slip on và off. There are some colourways of the NMD R2 that feature graphic upper. Additional fit support is the traditional lacing system on the upper.

Unlike the NMD R1, this shoe doesn’t feature any plastic eyelet. There are some reviewers that feel that the shoe is not as breathable as the previous version in the upper. However, there are others that thinks the NMD R2 is as comfortable as the best shoe can be.


Just lượt thích the first version, this version features the Boost midsole. Boost cushioning is one of the Adidas most comfortable cushioning. It’s one of the best features that make Adidas Ultra Boost very comfortable and lightweight. The Boost midsole is known for it energy return ability. It is very responsive & has an excellent bouncy effect. So, it’s obviously one of the most excellent features you can find in NMD R2.

The only difference I can think of is the absence of several blocks in the midsole. The Midsole on NMD R1 features more than one block in the midsole whereas the NMD R2 features only one block in the medial side. Overall, this new midsole is still as effective as the NMD R1. The presence of only one block makes the shoe more lightweight compared to its predecessor.


You might have seen the outsole of the NMD R1 if you’ve read my reviews on the shoe. There hasn’t been any change so far. The outsole of the NMD R2 looks exactly like that of the NMD R1.

This durable rubber outsole enables reliable grip và traction. Another decorative feature is the Adidas branding. Just lượt thích the NMD R1 outsole, this outsole can vì well on any surface. However, the problem is the hole will allow the sole to get dirty easier.

NMD History

Adidas NMD R1 is the first in the line of Adidas NMD shoes. NMD means nomad & was released in 2015.

Nic Galway is a veteran that works as a designer for Adidas. During the making of NMD. His vision was khổng lồ design a specific shoe for urban cruising or traveling. This means the shoe will be most effective as a lifestyle shoe not as a performance shoe. When it comes to lớn daily wear, there will be no boundary for NMD sneakers – this is the mission of Galway.

When the mission of NMD started, Galway didn’t want the shoe lớn look exactly like the Adidas Ultra Boost. He wanted a shoe that can fit perfectly to nomadic lifestyle. However, the shoe is inspired by running shoes such as, Rising Star, Boston Super and Micro Pacer.

Adidas NMD R1 wasn’t endorsed by any celebrities yet it’s popularity is very noticeable. The shoe has become the favourite of many sneakerheads, pop stars, & just anybody looking for a very comfortable shoe for traveling or daily wear.

In 2016, the second version of NMD shoe was released. The shoe is the new mã sản phẩm featuring some other improved features.

NMD shoes are very popular among men & women, và they have been the favourite sneakers for many people.