Đánh Giá Pure Boost Dpr

PROS Cushioning is incredibly comfortable Excellent grip on road Improves on the flaws that prevented the Pureboost line from being a useful running shoe Shoe looks sharp and fast
CONS External heel counters took a while to lớn become accustomed khổng lồ Narrow without additional widths available Shoe would benefit from one more eyelet along the midfoot Tongue folding along midfoot
OUR VERDICT The Adidas Pureboost DPR is a neutral lightweight daily trainer that can handle tempo, recovery, and long runs. The shoe fixes many of the issues of the original version khổng lồ provide a comfortable ride. It is a good option in the rain & is a huge step in the right direction from the original Adidas Pureboost.

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The knit upper is comfortable và does conform khổng lồ the runner’s foot. The material is great in the rain as it does not retain water.

Adidas Pureboost DPR Conclusion

The Adidas Pureboost DPR feels like the version just before a great shoe. It has a lot of great things going for it, improves on the non-functional Pureboost, yet has some flaws preventing it from crossing the threshold from an okay shoe khổng lồ a great option.

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The cushioning, the outsole grip, the feel of the knit upper, the weight, & the style of the shoe are all check in the positive box for the Adidas Pureboost DPR. It improves on the Pureboost by including an insole, which as an aside is a joke khổng lồ even have to chú ý this, has a low stack height, and a traditional functional upper.

The Pureboost DPR seems lượt thích it needs a few adjustments to lớn make it a good shoe. If the tongue was connected at a higher point it would prevent the slippage & folding. The midfoot is tight but additional eyelets would allow for better adjustments on fit and longer laces would help with additional lacing patterns. The external plastic heel counters are a little bulky và should probably be switched lớn the external plastic cuff found in the supernova.

Personally, I find myself excited to reach for the Pureboost DPR in the rain but in all other scenarios I would be happier in other similar shoes such as the Adidas Boston Boost 6. If Adidas ever releases a second iteration of the Pureboost DPR they might have a great shoe on their hands.