Đánh Giá Titan Quest


Your quest encompasses a globe-trotting hunt, from Greece lớn Egypt, through Asia & beyond. You’ll guide your warrior with the left stick through all manner of ancient cities & territories, despatching vile monsters và completing quests (mostly achieved through the dispatch of said monsters). The camera is fixed, although the right stick zooms in.

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Your character auto-runs at enemies in range when you hit an attack button (‘X’ or ‘Y’). Keep tapping & they’ll run lớn the next & the next, with no further input necessary. Holding down the button brings up a directional cone, enabling you to redirect your target, but we’d have preferred a button to lớn cycle through opponents. Much of your success relies on selectively aggroing enemies và drawing them away from the pack, which gets complicated when your character randomly targets a beastie in the distance và runs away from the group you’re fighting.

Character creation is as simple as choosing a name and gender; customisation comes from the gear you equip & your chosen Mastery, a branch of skills unlocked from nine possibilities. These function as classes và provide elemental moves & powers. You can choose a pure branch or combine two – we took a melee/caster route by combining ‘Warfare’ & ‘Dream’. Other Masteries better suit high dexterity users with bows or staffs.


Our playstyle consisted of lining up a bunch of enemies before casting a psychic death wave – which consumes Energy – & getting stuck in with a frosted pickaxe while the spell recharged. Pummelling the attack button reactivated our dormant Pokémon Go-related RSI, but the tactic was effective. Keeping an eye on your health meter is essential, as is having a large supply of health và energy potions lớn chug by tapping ‘L’ and ‘R’ respectively.

Later in the game, you encounter mystics who enable you lớn re-spec within your chosen branch(es). The original Immortal Throne expansion (which introduced the ‘Dream’ Mastery & other tweaks) is integrated here, although the Ragnarök expansion is missing. It’s apparently still coming to consoles – certain exclusive items & the Runes Mastery are currently visible, though inaccessible.

From the off, Titan Quest feels lượt thích a PC trò chơi of its vintage. Menus, sub-menus, weapon sets, stats, percentages – these things have been well-integrated into console games over the past decade, & while Titan Quest takes a decent stab at it, there are still too many steps required to perform simple operations. Inventory management is predictably tedious. ‘Y’ auto-sorts your gear but simply accessing your inventory requires pressing ‘+’, pushing up on the menu wheel & confirming with ‘A’. You get used to it, but three inputs to xuất hiện your bản đồ is two too many.


Beyond optional tool tips, there’s refreshingly little in the way of tutorials, although it’s easy to lớn miss useful info. For example, when the ground’s cluttered with loot, sorting the wheat from the chaff without picking everything up & scrutinising your inventory is tough. That is until you realise that holding down ‘A’ opens a box enabling you to lớn select individual items & even compare with equipped gear. We’d recommend exploring the options menu, too – any loot below a certain tier can be toggled into oblivion. Handy.

The remnants of decade-old PC game design poke through here & there, which may fire up your nostalgia if you’ve ever lost months to Civilization or Diablo. The presentation on the main menu is authentically bare-bones. Dialogue textboxes are tiny auto-scroll affairs and spoken audio fades out if you walk away. The voice work is solid if you have the patience khổng lồ stick around, although the audio sounds a little muffled.

Performance-wise, this port isn’t going to đứng đầu the tables over at Digital Foundry, but it’s never less than playable. There are drops and dips, và you’ll certainly notice the framerate jump in enclosed spaces. As you roam the maps compulsively wiping away the fog of war, you’ll see trees & terrain pop-in. Visually, some nice textures can’t hide the 12-year-old màn chơi geometry beneath, but a day/night cycle provides variety. There are some decent shadow effects & the water looks pleasant. Handheld mode softens the image significantly & screen text is a tad small, but that won’t prevent you playing on the bus.


Although online and local multiplayer options were unavailable khổng lồ test, we did manage lớn try the vertical split screen mode by creating a second character. Two players are able khổng lồ operate independently in entirely different in-game locations, though with predictable effects on framerate. Lacking access to the fast-travel network, the màn chơi 1 noob was stuck in the starter village, so our màn chơi 25 Harbinger teleported back from Egypt for some jolly cooperation. It’s a novel and unexpected extra, but not something we see people committing lớn for an entire quest.

Which brings us lớn the grind. Titan Quest has loads of content – around 50 hours depending on your skill and inclination for side quests – & you’ll need lớn battle every enemy you come across lớn be strong enough to take on later foes. Provided you don’t just beeline past enemies, you’re rarely forced khổng lồ revisit an area (creatures respawn only when you quit the game). It’s fun, but hack-and-slash by its nature involves plenty of mechanical repetition, & the linearity of the trò chơi makes multiple playthroughs (and therefore exploration of different classes) unlikely for all but genre devotees.


A certain historical perspective và a cảm ứng of nostalgia will go a long way to lớn helping you appreciate Titan Quest & its quirks. That core loop of killing satyrs in four hits before finding rare loot that destroys them in one is as compelling as it ever was. Disappointing visual glitches và the occasional crash give the impression that everything is held together with nothing more than sticky tape and a prayer, but it was never enough to lớn stop us playing. Handheld mode is a massive boon for any RPG and, as long as you’re not expecting miracles, this Switch port delivers the core experience well enough to warrant investigation.

Good 7/10

Scoring PolicyReview copy provided by THQ Nordic


Gavin loves a bit of couch co-op, especially when he gets khổng lồ delegate roles, bark instructions and give much-appreciated performance feedback at the end. He lives in Spain (the plain-y bit where the rain mainly falls) & his love for Banjo-Kazooie borders on the unhealthy.


Mon 30th Jul 2018

I love how this game reminds me of Diablo 2, but I am put off by all the bugs I was hearing about with the other versions. Glad lớn hear it isn"t nearly as bad as it was on other plafforms, but it still sounds like this game could use a good patch or two.

Despite the fact that I have an interest in this type of game, the need for a patch & the markup for the console port makes it so I really want to lớn wait for a sale on this one.



Mon 30th Jul 2018

How does this compare to Baldur’s Gate? If favorably, I’ll totally throw down on it!

Ryu_Niiyama I"m in the same boat now too. Just way too much to look forward to and too little khổng lồ spend.

Mon 30th Jul 2018

I ordered this. I vì chưng have the PS4 version, so I have a good idea of what issues I am in for.

Mon 30th Jul 2018

I have this from a previous month’s humble bundle, but I have Mac, not Pc, so I can’t play it yet. But Diablo 2 still runs great on the machine, so I don’t think I really need anything else. Maybe if this hits $10 on Switch I’ll double dip

Mon 30th Jul 2018

Glad i didn"t put a preorder on this one. How can they even publish a game this old, at that cost, with this many bugs?

Mon 30th Jul 2018

I want this trò chơi so badly but only the Xbox, PS4 and PC version are available in my crappy country!

Mon 30th Jul 2018

If there is a massive sale - like the Xbox One version that is 7.99 now. I"ll pick it up.

$39.99 in the US for the Switch version, is crazy.

Mon 30th Jul 2018

Really dont lượt thích how they handled targeting and attacks. Let alone the lack of Ragnarok. Will happily wait a month for Victor Vran. Sad tho, because I wish this was better.

Mon 30th Jul 2018

I was quite perplexed when I got Red Steel for Wii originally and found the game to include quite many bugs and one particularly crash-prone màn chơi that froze completely on me something like four or five times.

I"m not used to lớn this from my console games, & I shouldn"t lượt thích for this kind of thing to lớn become commonplace.

Agramonte Fortunately I got it for $25 thanks to pre-ordering back in December on Amazon.

If I had lớn spend $40 for this I"d pass until it was on sale.

Mon 30th Jul 2018

Already have mine on the way. If you told me 12 years ago, that in a decade I"d be playing Titan Quest on a handheld device I"d have laughed hysterically & kept playing on my 19" CRT monitor as my GeForce spewed a volcano of heat out the back of my beige box lớn power it.

BanjoPickles It"s nothing at all like Baldur"s Gate. Baldur"s Gate is a story-driven CRPG with a D&D turn based battle system. It"s slow, deliberate, & exploratory.

Titan Quest is a Diablo II clone, albeit a very good one that is superior in some areas and falls short in others, but almost equally classic. It"s hack & slash, with a mythology theme instead of a demonic theme, and has more worlds, that are all connected via a connected journey rather than just warping to kết thúc the chapter & go lớn the new map....Mash X, sell loot, repeat. Go into dungeon, find dungeon entrance, sell loot, repeat. If you know what Diablo"s lượt thích and lượt thích it you"ll love TQ. But the story is very narrow rather than the exposition of BG, and they don"t play much alike at all.

Mon 30th Jul 2018

I have played this on PC some ten years ago, went through the expansion a little later và even a pretty cool thủ thuật called Underlord (if I remember correctly). In the meantime there was a stellar spiritual successor lớn Titan Quest released under the name of Grim Dawn and it had a pretty good expansion as well (just last year & another one is on the way). Going back khổng lồ a rather outdated trò chơi after all that, for a relatively high price to boot, just doesn"t seem reasonable.I"d rather play something new, preferably a hack"n"slash made with Switch in mind.

Tank207 Oh wow - nice. When I checked Amazon the physical edition was not available for pre-order. $25 is a good price for this. Enjoy!

Top down games should be good on Switch. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is on my list.

NEStalgia besides hack/slash you have màn chơi up system. Which makes this game RPG/hack/slash. Don"t leave that one out. For a RPG game thủ a game to surely to get it

Alucard83 A leveling system is all it takes khổng lồ be considered an RPG? Not a personal attack, not even really disagreeing with you, I"m just feeling philosophical about the term.

The usage of "RPG" has gone so far afield these days from "Role-Playing Game." You know, as in a trò chơi in which you play the role of another person by making decisions as that character?

I suppose in its purest definition, most games are RPGs, but seriously though, what does that term even mean anymore? Whenever I see "RPG elements" what people usually mean is: it has a leveling system & relies on equipment for a sense of progression.

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Tue 31st Jul 2018

I wish THQ Nordic would add some polish khổng lồ their games.The German screentext of Sine Mora X isn"t designed very well, This Is The Police has a few irritating bugs, Legend of Kay Anniversary sometimes crashes.

I like what they publish, but I would like them even more if they would release a game without bugs for once. I"m still interested in Titan Quest and hope the best for This Is The Police II.

Tue 31st Jul 2018

I"ll hold out for a Diablo 3 port before I drop $40 on something held together by "sticky tape & a prayer" that still gets a 7/10 when other games get absolutely destroyed when they have half the bugs và are a fraction of the age.

Tue 31st Jul 2018

Been playing this a bunch over the weekend, và am rather enjoying it. That base gratification that I got as a kid from Diablo & Diablo 2 are quite prevelant, though the story has been pretty eh & some odd graphical issues.

Overall glad we got it. Especially as Actvision are still sitting with their thumbs up their behind.

Tue 31st Jul 2018

That the trò chơi was buggy on the PS4 and Xbone originally and is still buggy now, makes me think the studio is either lazy or incompetent. I don"t know much about THQ Nordic but this doesn"t sound appealing lớn me.

Tue 31st Jul 2018

If this game gets patched it might be worth a shot but highly doubtful since it"s been out on other consoles this long (since 2006 for PC) without an update. I think I may just pass.

Tue 31st Jul 2018

A shame about the technical problems. Is there any chance it"ll be patched? Doesn"t seem it"s worth the purchase until then.

Maybe Blizzard will show us some love và gives us Diablo III for the Switch. I"d love that. At least we still have Victor Vran lớn look forward to. Here"s hoping that one"s a winner.

Alucard83 indeed, is an rpg, but as a Diablo clone, it"s squarely am ARPG which in it"s day was more starkly divided against CRPG. Different subgenres of RPGs. But yeah i didn"t mean lớn imply it"s not an rpg, just a very different kind.

Tue 31st Jul 2018

I would love to lớn give this a go, but I just cannot justify that price for this. As many have said, if this drops to một nửa off or more I would most likely download in the future

Tue 31st Jul 2018

Sounds like it"s the definitive console version, as ironic as that may be. The other versions were an absolute disaster. Sounds lượt thích they based this one off the thiết bị di động version which was much more stable.

Kicking myself for cancelling my preorder- I had it locked in at $23.99 from Amazon. I"ll just wait for the price to lớn drop 10 bucks và then snag it. The other versions were full price literal weeks ago. & now they are selling for 25% of MSRP. Switch version will drop too, very quickly.

Tue 31st Jul 2018

Grim Dawn exists. It may not be on Switch, but it"s made by the same people as this (down to lớn the core of the engine being the same) và is completely superior in every way. I can"t find this game worth revisiting when kích hoạt RPGs have moved on. Has it really been 12 years? Sheesh...

Tue 31st Jul 2018

I remember playing the original a bit & having trouble getting coop khổng lồ work. Not sure I"d want to play it again. The only Hack và Slash games that ever stuck with me for longer than a few hours were Sacred Gold and Torchlight – và I bounced badly from both when trying to trả lời them now.

Tue 31st Jul 2018

Damn, I was hoping it would turn out better than this. Victor Vran sounds intriguing but I would prefer TQ just because you can choose your character"s gender instead of being stuck with a generic Van Helsing lookalike.

Yeah, like others have said, $40 for a trò chơi this old with bugs at that màn chơi sounds lượt thích a pass...an unfortunate one, but a pass all the same.

Tue 31st Jul 2018

Downloaded this trò chơi today và so far I have had no issues with it at all. Plays well & looks good & the fact that you can take it with you anywhere is just an added bonus. This should easily fill the gap till wastelands 2 comes out or indeed diablo.

Tue 31st Jul 2018

I got this trò chơi today I"ve been waiting for this since is was announced & it is really good just how I remember it.Graphics are good & the chơi game is great I don"t know what everyone is moaning about for me this is one of the best games I"ve played on Switch.More games like this please.

Tank207 How did you get it below the usual % that Amazon gives you when you pre-order? I pre-order games from Amazon all the time and I"ve never ever gotten a 37.5% discount..

Switcher I think the price just went that low at some point after I pre-ordered & that got applied khổng lồ my order.

It was back in December so my memory is a bit hazy.

Fri 3rd Aug 2018

I"ve played the hell out of this game on PC, recently bought the Ragnarok expansion but haven"t given it another full playthrough yet.

This game is really fun, a true classic in any vị trí cao nhất 10 all time ARPG lists, usually coming in the vị trí cao nhất 3 for many genre enthusiasts.

I had no idea this was coming lớn Switch so I was excited lớn see it. However: as much as I"d lượt thích to have this classic ARPG on the go, the $40 price tag for a double dip on an inferior version to the PC anniversary edition with technical issues isn"t justified.

A price drop và patches would motivate me.

Tue 7th Aug 2018

Been playing this ALOT the past few days.Great game!Cant wait for the Ragnarok expansion.

Sat 25th Aug 2018

Got this yesterday. Weirdly, I got it for $39.99 for a physical copy (which seems to be an error for Canada), while it is $50 on the Nintendo shop. Never would"ve paid $50 for this but so far, no having encountered any bug, I think 40$ is "fair". I agree though that the interface would need some work, but otherwise I"ve been enjoying it a lot.Oh, & first time I played, the trò chơi received a patch (quite large one, I estimate). Don"t know if that fixed or improved anything.

Sun 16th Jun 2019

I picked this up at a 50% percent off, for 20€ và so far i’m really enjoying it. I was a bit undecided because i already own Titan Quest on Android và IOS, but playing with the controllers on the switch offers a much better playing experience. The graphics appear lớn be improved from the smartphone ports and the trò chơi runs at a constant frame rate. Although the switch port is more expensive, it really is the best platform to lớn play it on. If you like Diablo & Sacred types of games you should pick this up. I’m having a blast playing this game again. The switch does get a bit warm and it does suck the battery quicker than most games is the only negative that I find.

Bloodmetal I just bought it with the sale too. It looked a lot lượt thích helbreath( a trò chơi I used khổng lồ play in older days) so I took the plunge. It"s a good game & touch wood I haven"t had any bugs/crashes yet. I vị however agree with the console heating up.