Equity interest là gì

Risks of conflicts of interest can generally be found at two, non-mutually exclusive sầu, levels: organizational and personal.

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Perception is key – it is imperative lớn underst& that different people look at things in different ways. Thus, it is not enough for staff khổng lồ feel they act well: staff must also be seen as acting well, as displaying good judgement và upholding the ethical principles of oimlya.com.

Generally speaking, a conflict of interest arises when a secondary interest interferes with the primary interest of oimlya.com & its staff. The scope of conflict of interest goes beyond financial interest.

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Declarations of Interest for staff

oimlya.com has strict ethical principles of integrity, independence and impartiality. Identified oimlya.com staff members are required to lớn discthất bại on an annual basis the interests that may conflict with their functions as international civil servant.

Declarations of Interest for experts

Each year, scientists & other technical experts contribute to lớn the solution of global health problems by participating in expert committees, advisory groups, conferences, study và scientific groups, & other activities of oimlya.com. To be effective, the work of oimlya.com và the contributions of its experts must be, actually & ostensibly, objective và independent.

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oimlya.com has a robust process to lớn protect the integrity of oimlya.com in its normative sầu work as well as lớn protect the integrity of individual experts the Organization collaborates with. oimlya.com requires that experts serving in an advisory role disclose any circumstances that could give rise lớn actual or ostensible conflict of interest.


DOI Form for oimlya.com Expertspdf, 55kb

Annex C: Confidentiality undertakingpdf, 32kb

Guidelines for Declaration of Interests (oimlya.com Experts)pdf, 168kb

Annex A: Guidance to Experts for Completion of oimlya.com DoI Formspdf, 21kb

Annex B: Code of Conduct for oimlya.com Experts


Formulaire de DI pour les experts de l"OMSpdf, 52kb

Annexe pháo C: Engagement de confidentialitépdf, 65kb

Lignes directrice pour la déclaration d"interêts (experts de l"OMS)pdf, 161kb

Annexe cộ A: Indications aux experts pour remplir le formulaire de DI de l"OMSpdf, 21kb

Annexe cộ B: Code de conduite des experts de l’OMS


Formulario de DOI para los expertos de la OMSpdf, 55kb

Anexo C: Compromiso de Confidencialidadpdf, 63kb

Anexo A: Orientaciones a los expertos para completar los formulargame ios de DOI de la OMSpdf, 21kb

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