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Vật phẩm này bị xóa do đã vi phạm luật Hướng dẫn cộng đồng và câu chữ Steam. Chúng ta là bạn duy nhất rất có thể nhìn thấy chiến thắng này. Nếu như khách hàng tin rằng vật phẩm của bản thân bị xóa nhầm thì xin vui lòng tương tác đội cung ứng Steam.

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Vật phẩm này sẽ không tương ưa thích với Fallout: New Vegas. Hãy xem trang gợi ý để biết vì sao tại sao vật phẩm này hoàn toàn có thể không sử dụng được trong Fallout: New Vegas.

For those of you who haven"t played Fallout before, the trò chơi is a RPG, you make decisions that influence the kết thúc result of the game, so you effectively make the trò chơi yourself, if you"re a jerk, then the game will be a jerk back khổng lồ you.This particular game has four different endings, you can side with four different factions - House, Yes-Man, NCR & Legion. I personally sided with the NCR first as I was being a jerk to Legion, so it seemed right, hwoever, if you"re an idiot with the others, you still get the option khổng lồ side with them at the end.Its a shame that the game is a little buggy, this means some achievements are not obtainable otherwise.You now have two different options:Option 1:You can either start a brand new trò chơi each time and trả lời it right from the beginning.Option 2:You can save at the last possible moment before choosing lớn side with anybody, then simply reload it - you"ll be in a prime place to lớn achievement ♥♥♥♥♥.
This is where it"ll start khổng lồ get confusing because there are many different ways that I could write this and how you could interpret it, so this part of the achievement guide will be right up until you start to lớn reach the strip you can save in the strip khổng lồ side with the four different parties lớn obtain the ending achievements
, so these ones are just the main story achievements and side quests leading up to lớn the strip. The first three achievements are unmissable.
Complete Come Fly With Me.This is a side quest handed out by Manny Vargas in Novac (Town with that cool Green Dinosaur). He will ask you khổng lồ get rid of the ghouls at the local REPCONN testing facility. You"ll meet with a guy called Jason Bright once you get inside who will start you off on some more quests, there is a highly detailed walkthrough on the Fallout Wiki. Khổng lồ cut a long story short, you must either crash the rocket full of ghouls, or let them fly away.
Complete Talent Pool.This is another side quest which is given to you by Tommy Torini within The Tops Casino, he"ll basically ask you to lớn find some acts for his theater. The four acts are scattered over the wasteland, however, the arrow does direct you to the area that they"re in & sometimes right lớn them, there is a detailed guide on the Fallout Wiki in case you"re stuck
Complete G.I. Blues.This mission is given you to lớn by The King, inside King"s School of Impersonation, you get access khổng lồ this just before entering the Strip, so you"re not quite right there yet. This is located in Freeside, its pretty clear where you have khổng lồ go, you can also potentially recruit his dog, Rex after you"ve finished this quest, as always, here is a detailed walkthrough on Fallout Wiki.
Complete That Lucky Old Sun.You can trigger this quest in HELIOS One, this is located just North of Novac - it is NCR controlled, so be careful who you annoy before reaching this point. Talk to Lt. Haggerty to trigger the quest, full detailed walkthough is here on the Fallout Wiki.
Complete Volare!This quest is where you gain the alliance of The Boomers! They"re located near Freeside in the far North-East corner. To get to them, you must dodge the missiles. Once you reach the gates, you"re taken to see Pearl who will give you a series of quests, simply complete these and you"ll have another achievement, full guide is on the Fallout Wiki.
Complete The Legend of the StarI hated this quest, from start khổng lồ end. You learn about this quest quite early on, but you dont officially unlock it until you enter the Sarsparilla Headquarters & talk khổng lồ Fetus. You basically have khổng lồ find 50 All-Star Sunset Sarsparilla bottle caps và then return them to him. Once you vày this, the mission will fail, however, don"t rage like I did, follow his next quest & the achievement will unlock. Here is a guide with the locations of the caps, I used this khổng lồ find a few.Remember, you need khổng lồ start with hardcore mode on!
Play the trò chơi from start to lớn finish in Hardcore Mode.You get the option lớn turn this on fairly early, so make sure you do, yo ucan turn down the difficulty, but you must not turn this off. This mode adds realism to the game, you have lớn eat, sleep and drink khổng lồ survive, a tip khổng lồ survive, make sure you have plenty of Doctor Bags and Stimpaks, food as well. Just keep healthy và beware that ompanions can die in your tiệc ngọt and you can be hit by friendly fire. Once you"ve sided with somebody & completed the battle for Hoover Dam, the achievement will pop. Good luck!
Here are some of the achievements that you"ll get just by playing the game naturally, some you can hunt for, but hey, who doesn"t.
Reach 30th level.Everybody says that this is hard, I personally think its ok..just complete quests and stuff, và it"ll be easy.
Recruit any companion.There is a large mạng internet debate here, who is the easiest to lớn recruit? Boone or ED-E. Boone is found in Novac, you have to complete a quest to lớn unlock him, ED-E is in Primm & you need to repair him with parts that you can find around the Mojave.
Recruit all companions.There are 8 companions in total around the Mojave, 6 humans & 2 robots(?). You must recruit all of them khổng lồ get this achievement, but not necessarily keep them, I personally kept ED-E and Boone, quite useful really. There are details on the Fallout Wiki.
Craft trăng tròn items.Crafting items counts as using a workbench or a campfire. You can cook steaks that you get from Big Horn"s or maybe Gecko"s to get this.
Install trăng tròn weapons mods.Mods can be found và brought from traders across the Mojave. This is not cumulative, you have to bởi vì this in one playthrough unfortuantly....if you"ve already busted your luck at the casinos, then you have more than enough money. I went lớn Gun Runners near Freeside lớn get this.
Discover 50 locations.To discover a location, you just have khổng lồ walk near it và then you"ll get the letters saying that its been discovered. Discover 50 of these to get this achievement.
Discover 125 locations.This is exactly the same as above, but discover 125, just keep discovering things!
Discover all snow globes.You need khổng lồ find all seven snow globes around the Mojave, once you get to the Strip, you hand them over for a little bit of cash into Mr House"s collection. Here are their locations, relative to how early in the trò chơi you can get them. Goodsprings Located in the cemetary at the back by one of the graves. Hoover Dam Just inside the visitor center on the welcome desk. Old Mormom Fort As you enter, immediately turn right & go into the corner tower, its upstairs on a shelf. Jacobstown Just on the reception desk inside the reception. Nellis AFB Go lớn the Boomer Museum, on a table on the right upon entering. Lucky 38 Found in the cocktail lounge, took me ages to find this.. Its inbetween a green lamp and a cash register. Vault 21 Go khổng lồ Sarah"s room, you need khổng lồ lockpick it & have a skill higher then 50 to vị so, or pickpocket her lớn get her key.
Pick 25 locks.You"ll get this over time, just keep picking those locks. Just make sure yo uupgrade your lockpicking still, even khổng lồ 100 before you try doing some.. Entirely up to lớn you.
Repair 30 items.Another achievement that you"ll get over time, you loot dead peoples weapons & repair you current one.
Hack 25 terminals.To confirm, a locked terminal is a computer where you need to correctly guess a password khổng lồ unlock the computer. When unlocking a terminal, if you fail three times, turn the PC off and try again just so you don"t fail.
Pick 50 pockets.There are many ways that you can vì this, you can simply do it over time with a high sneak skill, however, I did it a different way which is kinda cheating i guess, go khổng lồ the Vault 21 reception, inside, the receptionist has an unlimtied supply of bubblegum, simply put on your stealth boy and just pocket her for miễn phí over và over again.
Make 50 speech challenges.You can get this by the end of the game, I suggest leveling up your speech perk wherever possible và when you are faced with a speech answer in some diagloue, you always take that option.
Win 3 games of Caravan.I hate Caravan, it sucks và I wish I didn"t have to play it, but I did..this is much easier in the early stages of the game as the NPC"s get better the further you get on, so in oodsprings, go the Ringo"s hideout (story mode really), he"ll give you a deck for không tính phí and he"s easy lớn beat. Make sure all three of your piles are between 21-26.Nothing really much to lớn say, I don"t quite understand how it works..
Caravan Master
Win 30 games of Caravan.Just rinse & repeat above..took me 59 games in total to get this ..

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One Armed Bandit
Play 10 spins of Slots.These are fun, promise! Simply pull the hand on a slots machine 10 times to lớn get this. I personally got this in the Strip, but you can start this in Freeside if you so wish.
Play 10 spins of Roulette.Again, wait to lớn the Strip lớn get this, pop into a casino and its an easy achievement.
Play 10 hands of Blackjack.Another easy achievement, simply play 10 hands of Blackjack in the Strip, easy.
Get banned from all the Strip"s casinos.Firstly, I suggest that you make sure your Luck stat is quite high, and wear that little nightdress too. This increases your luck considerably và makes this a lot easier. The three casinos you have is the Gomorrah, The Tops & Ultra Luxe. You need lớn basically get enough coins/cash to lớn get kicked out. Now I personally played slots in the first two casinos & won big quite early, in the last casino, you have khổng lồ either vày roulette or blackjack. With a high luck, you get dealt good hands pretty much everytime, so you can get this in no time.
Next thing to discuss, is the infinite 10,000 challenges. For some reason they use 10,000 hit points as a base here, but anyway, some of them are pretty easy lớn get, some are a little harder.
Sell 10,000 caps worth of goods.This achievement can not be immediately obtained, it is aquired over time - it is a lot easier with a higher barter level. There is a quicker way of doing this, once you"ve reached Gun Runners, you can sell a maximum of 8,000 caps, simply sell all of your items và then buy them back và just rinse và repeat.
Cause 10,000 damage with Energy Weapons.You can"t get this achievement for a while unless you"re lucky enough lớn find an energy weapon early on, I personally hate the weapons as they"re quite lame. It"s worth noting here that Plasma explosives do not work, so don"t bother trying it. You can find a laser pistol right at the start of the trò chơi in Doc Mitchel"s house, but as I said, they"re hard to find after that. The Brotherhood of Steel seem to have a lot, Silver rush in Freeside sells them and ofcourse, you can find them from the Fiends.
Cause 10,000 damage with Explosives.This achievement is one of the easiest khổng lồ get, but you must have money for it. Once you"ve reached Gun Runners, you can buy the FatMan, Grenade launchers etc & it makes this a whole lot easier, Robots have lots of health, especially if you"ve triggered the alarm at REPCONN headquarters, so put some grenades down and it"ll be fine, achievement unlocked. I also found myself fighting DeathClaws with grenades.
Cause 10,000 damage with Guns.This is definately the easiest of them all, you"ll get this very early on in the game as soon as you start using weapons really, the majority of people you come across will drop weapons so you"ll have no shortage there, or you find yourself a good sniper Rifle & just start head popping.
Heal 10,000 points of damage with Stimpaks.This is a fairly reasonable achievement lớn do, you"ll get this overtime, if you want to bởi vì this nice and qickly, drown yourself and then heal with Stimpaks.
Cause 10,000 damage with Melee Weapons.This isn"t too bad to vì either, you simply have lớn just use weapons that you swing. I found this quite easy fighting the Fiends once I was leveled up, there are quite a few và if you sleep và fast travel back, you"ll have this in no time.
Heal 10,000 points of damage with food.This is the biggest pain in the ass personally, I eventually found a quick way of doing this - I fast travelled to the areas around Jacobstown and killed some bulls, I then cooked the steaks and they heal quite nicely, I drowned myself và just before I was nearly dead, ate them & rinsed & repeated.
Cause 10,000 damage with Unarmed weapons.Haha, fun achievement here. You can use a combination of Sealth Boys and critical attacks to lớn get this, or if you get the "Paladin Toaster" and then go lớn the Brotherhood of Steel, there are a lot of enemies in there and you"ll vì a lot of damage & easily get this.
I personally set out right from the start siding with the NCR, at every oppertune moment, I was annoying Legion và everything, however, there is a point in the story when you"re at the Strip when you can side with anybody SAVE HERE
and keep that save as a neutral save, just refer to this save when changing who you side with.
Complete For the Republic.To start this series of quests, you need to accept the invitation from the abassador & do the quests given to you.
Complete Eureka!This achievement is awarded khổng lồ you once you finish the trò chơi siding with the NCR at the battle of Hoover Dam.
Complete Return lớn Sender.This isn"t really an exclusive quest khổng lồ the NCR, but I suggest doing this one whilst siding with the NCR just because you havent alienated them. You need to travel lớn Camp Forlorn Hope và find Sargeant Reyes. Once you"ve spoken lớn her & she"ll ask you khổng lồ investigate happenings at all the different Ranger Stations và then finally confront Chief Hanlon. Finish it all to lớn unlock it.
Complete You"ll Know It When It Happens.This quest is part of the NCR, Mr House và Wildcard story lines, so don"t worry if you miss it on this playthrough, you need khổng lồ basically prevent the assination attemps on the President once he has landed. If you"re stuck, you need lớn watch out for. Xạ thủ on the tower behind him Bomb on the vertibird nhái Mechanic with a knife near the podiumStop all three khổng lồ get the achievement.
As I said before, once you get to lớn the Strip, create the universal save so you can swithc lớn this playthrough.
Complete The House Always WinsYou need lớn have some good terms with Legion for this, you can vị one or two small missions for experience points, but just remember that you aren"t siding with him.There are six parts to this specific quest, complete all 6 và you"ll unlock this.