Ice age 5 đánh giá

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Unoriginal & unfunny, Ice Age: Collision Course offers further proof that not even the healthiest box office receipts can keep a franchise from slouching toward creative sầu extinction. Read critic nhận xét

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Oof, that was Rotten.

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Meh, it passed the time.

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It’s good – I’d recommend it.

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Manny the mammoth starts to worry when his daughter Peaches announces her engagement. Still unlucky in love, Sid the sloth volunteers to plan the couple"s wedding. To Manny"s dismay, nothing can stop the upcoming nuptials, except maybe the end of the world. When Scrat accidentally launches himself into outer space, he sets off a chain reaction that sends an asteroid hurtling toward Earth. Now, the entire herd must leave sầu trang chính lớn explore new lands & save itself from Scrat"s cosmic blunder.

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