Music Là Gì

a pattern of sounds made by musical instruments, voices, or computers, or a combination of these, intended to lớn give pleasure khổng lồ people listening to it:

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a pattern of sounds made by instruments or by singing or by a combination of both, or the written symbols representing these sounds:
Such an example could be of use khổng lồ teachers working out their own ways of teaching musics from around the world.
No longer was music"s dependence on immediate sensations a drawback or a shortcoming, but rather the source of its strength và expressive power.
Thoughtfully creative, performed responses require thorough familiarity with the music"s structures, devices và processes.
Towards the close there is a good point on the refocusing of the older view that music"s function was moral persuasion.
In this study, those memories that stayed lớn adult life were indeed characterized by factors such as community, atmosphere and music"s ability to arouse feelings.
The book is part of a new generation of ethnomusicological research which emphasises the importance of a historical perspective in the study of popular musics.
Thus, even when the orchestra is involved in more turbulent episodes, it is the vocal element which is largely responsible for the music"s dramatic content.
I fell under this music"s spell many years ago & have long thought that this movement in particular should be much better known.
The composer invites a variety of performers of western và non-western instruments to lớn participate in her work, making the music"s message a universal one.
Schools with large representations of different ethnic groups often cannot address the musics of each adequately.
Furthermore, there is obviously a tendency to begin the more "official" historiography of marginal musics with more ephemeral truyền thông than the printed word.
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I always wanted to write music that combined the impact of rock music with the kind of expressivity of baroque music.
Other chapters, which examine the choral music, his numerous songs, his orchestral works và his chamber music, are all equally illuminating.
The advent of the gramophone transformed the cultural conditions of contemporary music, including the way it was taught.
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