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Selected by Forbes magazine as one of the six most charming beaches on the planet, My Khe (Mỹ Khê) Beach – Danang (Đà Nẵng) has quickly become a hot tourist destination in Vietnam that attracts many domestic và foreign tourists.

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This beach is considered as the most picturesque beach of Vietnam giới. With a sandy stretch of about đôi mươi miles, My Khe beach is an excellent tourist destination off shores of Danang và famous for its smooth Trắng s&, xanh sky, gentle slope, and warm & clear water all year round. Visiting this beach, you can also witness other beautiful areas surrounded by coconut trees. That is also why The Sunday Herald Sun Of Australia praised My Khe beach as one of 10 most popular beaches in Asia.

My Khe beach is really an ikhuyến mãi & safe site for adults & children to swyên due khổng lồ a large of large waves & warm water. The sunrise scenery at My Khe is also magnificent that makes tourists irresistible to staying cđại bại khổng lồ the beach so as lớn enjoy such stunning view.

In addition khổng lồ the long stretch of Trắng s&, there are also luxurious restaurants and hotels, & world-class beachfront resorts. Really, the Mother Nature has endowed Danang coastal đô thị with the stunning & chất lượng beauty of My Khe beach. This beach is a perfect place for swimming, sightseeing, taking photos, và relaxing.

If you are planning a vacation in My Khe Beach, we will help you khổng lồ syntheform size the most detailed travel experience so as lớn have a smooth journey.

What Is The Best Time To Visit My Khe Beach?

Summer months, especially from April khổng lồ September, are the best time for you to travel khổng lồ My Khe Beach because the weather during these months is great. You should avoid the time when there are too many tourists, such as the duration of 30 tháng tư -1 tháng 5. If you go with the whole family or if you vì not lượt thích the noise, June and July are the perfect time lớn go to lớn this beach.

How To Get To My Khe Beach?

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My Khe Beach lasts 10km from the base of the Son Tra peninsula (Bán Đảo Sơn Trà) to the Marble Mountain (Ngu Hanh Son (Ngũ Hành Sơn)). It is only 5km from Danang đô thị center & 25km from Hoi An (Hội An).

Danang is located in the center of Vietphái nam và has airports & seaports. The national Highway 1A also passes through this city, so traveling to lớn Danang becomes very easy. You can get to Danang by plane, train or coach along the north-south route.


From Hanoi lớn Danang, fares range from 600.000VND lớn 2.200.000VND, depending on the airline. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes lớn get lớn Danang. The same goes for the flight from Saigon (Sài Gòn) to lớn Danang.


From Hanoi or Sai Gon, there are train routes to lớn Danang (north-south route), fare varies from 300.000VND khổng lồ VND 1.200.000VND depending on the type of train & seat. It takes from 14 to trăng tròn hours to travel from these two cities to Danang by train.


The ticket price of the coach from Hanoi or Saigon to lớn Danang is from 400.000VND khổng lồ 500.000VND. From Hanoi, you can take the coach at Giap Bat (Giáp Bát) or Nuoc Ngam (Nước Ngầm) Bus Station. From Saigon, you can take the coach at the Mien Dong Bus Station. It takes from you about 18 lớn 20 hours khổng lồ travel from these two cities to Danang by coach.

From the center of Danang city, go straight in the direction of Han River bridge (Cầu Sông Hàn), then turn lớn Pđắm đuối Van Dong (Phạm Vnạp năng lượng Đồng) Street và go about 1.5km khổng lồ reach My Khe beach.

Where To Stay In My Khe Beach?

My Khe beach is a popular tourist destination, so there are many resorts, motels, và hotels for visitors khổng lồ choose from. This beach has a number of luxury resorts as well as international standard villas. The deluxe cộ resorts, five-star hotels, and modern restaurants gather here to offer travelers highly comfortable conditions to relax & enjoy the life. Your trip khổng lồ My Khe beach will be much more perfect if you choose lớn stay at one of beautiful resorts situated along My Khe beach, with special cuisines, modern services, và reasonable prices.

Particularly, when looking for a suitable khách sạn cthua thảm to lớn My Khe Beach, you should not miss the following hotels:

4-Star Samdi Hotel


Add: 331 Nguyen Van Linc, Thanh Khe, Da Nang

This hotel is located in the heart of Da Nang City, cthua kém to the airport (within a 5-minute drive), Han Market, và Museum of Cmê mẩn Sculpture. Featured amenities consist of a business center, dry cleaning or laundry services, and complimentary newspapers in the lobby. The room was luxurious và comfortable. Besides, the staffs are friendly & welcoming. Apart from that, you can enjoy beautiful views of majestic mountains, endless beaches or shimmering bridges from the rooftop pool at Samdi Hotel.

DLG Da Nang Hotel

Add: 258 Vo Nguyen Giap, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang

This khách sạn offers an on-site restaurant, an outdoor cafeteria, and an outdoor pool. Guests can also enjoy không tính phí WiFi access. DLG ideally located at Vo Nguyen Giap street, looking directly khổng lồ My Khe Beach, bringing you peaceful, natural and relaxing feel as its slogan “Sonata of the Sea”.

San Marino Danang 

Add: 161 – 163 – 165 Vo Van Kiet, An Hai Dong Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang 

This hotel will give sầu you a super fresh experience with an art concept of White & xanh of all rooms. You will be surprised by Asian-Western styled dishes at Tatino Restaurant or chilling feel at rooftop pool. San Marino also brings you exclusive packages for your special vacation such as Family Fun, Honeymoon, Christmas, New Year or just a chilling weekkết thúc to refresh yourself.

A booking experience in My Khe that we recommend is lớn book online on reputable sites such as Traveloka. Booking khách sạn in Danang with Traveloka help you choose the hotel with low cost và good quality at My Khe beach thanks to 10% – 30% promotion this summer.

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What Are Attractions In My Khe Beach?


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Being cchiến bại lớn the center of Danang đô thị, tourists are very convenient to lớn have sầu fun at My Khe beach. Besides, the lãng mạn space with the surrounding coconut trees, the xanh sea water, & the White svà of this place will definitely bring you different feelings.

Along the My Khe Beach, the rescue force system is always on the watchtowers. In addition, life buoys và flags signaling whirlpools will help visitors can rest assured while swimming and playing.

Here are the safe và suitable bathing areas in My Khe:

Beaches In Pđê mê Van Dong Central Park

This beach is located at the junction of Pmê man Van Dong Road, cutting the coastal road from Son Tra khổng lồ Dien Ngoc (Điện Ngọc). The beach is quite compact because it only serves for the park’s activities.

T20-T18 Beach

It is the beach which is earliest formed, so visitors who used khổng lồ visit Danang in the past often think this beach as My Khe beach. It is cthua trận khổng lồ the Non Nuoc Beach (Bãi Non Nước), where an international surfing tournament was held. T20-T18 Beach is very suitable for young people who lượt thích the thrills because the beach waves are often very large.

1-2-3 Beach

It is the main beach of My Khe. Therefore, it is fully invested with exciting entertainment & restaurant services. Moreover, 1-2-3 Beach has wide and long svà stretches, gentle coastline, and few waves. Therefore, it is an igiảm giá destination if you go with children or the elderly.

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What Are Exciting Activities At My Khe Beach That You Should Not Miss?

In the morning, if you vị not try lớn wake up early khổng lồ see the sunrise in My Khe Beach, you will miss a very wonderful experience in your life. You just need khổng lồ sit and enjoy the beauty of the dawn with the glittering golden light on the sea.

Thanks lớn a large beach space as well as slight waves, My Khe beach is very convenient for tourists khổng lồ play many types of sports or take part in some activities lượt thích water-skiing, fishing, volleyball, parachute, sunbathe, yacht race, diving, etc. Moreover, abundant services are also found in My Khe beach, which create excellent conditions for tourists khổng lồ relax on seashores, including hotels, motels, restaurants, sunshade, bouy lease, etc.

Or you can actively explore the fish market adjacent to the beach. It is one of the memorable experiences that visitors should enjoy. Daily, at 4:30 am, the fish market has become very bustling. At 7 am, the sun has risen, và you can jump into lớn the sea and enjoy the feeling of the sea khổng lồ stir up your toàn thân.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy the sea bath và take pictures with the tide down. In addition, you can also take part in exciting activities such as windsurfing, parachuting, volleyball, & jogging.

At night, after a day of fun, you & your family can take a stroll on the beach and breathe the fresh air that the ocean gives My Khe beach. Not only that, but you can also camp right on the beach. A small beach buổi tiệc ngọt with friends in the sound of the guitar & the waves will be an unforgettable experience.

What To Eat In My Khe Beach?


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At My Khe beach, there are many seafood restaurants looking over the sea, so you can enjoy seafood while listening khổng lồ the sound of waves và cool breeze.

It will be a big shortcoming if you forget to lớn enjoy specialties in My Khe Beach lượt thích crabs, fish, shrimps, & cuttlefish khổng lồ name a few. People who want to have a meal in a luxurious space can choose from many high-standard restaurants in seaside resorts. Nonetheless, if you want lớn enjoy your meal at a poetic space lượt thích at sunmix, then you should spend your meal in one of local food outlets. In such restaurants, you can easily choose seafood which is laid lượt thích in the real market. You can also buy the raw seafood & decide how they are cooked. While the foods are tasty, their price is reasonable as well. Because seafood such as shrimp, crab, crab, và squid are fresh and processed in place, so their taste are very special.

If you want khổng lồ buy fresh seafood khổng lồ cook your own food, you should go to the Han River Market. There are many kinds of fresh seafood which are sold at reasonable prices.

In brief, My Khe beach is ikhuyến mãi for those people who are looking for a luxurious beach khổng lồ enjoy their holiday. Some features making this beach an attractive sầu destination for travelers include easy traffic as well as access, flat & long svà shore, không tính tiền admission for travelers, high-class resorts, convenience for water sports và international standard villas. The tips & tricks above hopefully have helped you prepared yourself the best lớn have sầu the safest & most economical journey.

Believe sầu me, once visiting Danang & My Khe beach, you will not regret and want to lớn come baông chồng more times due lớn its charming beauty, friendly people, authentic cuisine, etc.

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Wish you have a fun trip!

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