PROS Epic React foam is the real deal. Period. These are not gimmicky lifestyle shoes. They are made for real runners.The Flyknit upper is very khung fitting, and never felt sloppy, even during sharp turns and pivoting.The ride is responsive, yet soft, & never sloppy. The Epic React works well as an all around shoe.At 7.8 ounces for a men"s kích thước 9 US, you"d be hard pressed khổng lồ find a shoe with this much cushioning-to-weight ratio.

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CONS Rigid heel counter was noticeable at first impression, but didn"t notice while running.Some runners with high volume, or exceptionally wide feet, may find this Flyknit upper constricting.
OUR VERDICT The Nike Epic React is a lightweight all around daily training shoe that can take on every workout you can throw at it; from long runs khổng lồ speed work on the traông xã. With a size fitting FlyKnit upper that seems lớn conform to the foot after several runs, the Epic React is designed lớn last more than the conventional 500 miles, touting incredibly durable Epic React foam.

A somewhat odd feature in the upper/ heel cup area of the Epic react is a thin rubberized overlay on the outside of the heel cup that seems held in place by a rigid thermoplastic piece that wraps around the heel (see the pink plastic piece in photos). I thought that this would be a design flaw in the shoe when I first put it on as the heel felt rigid & the thin nature of the heel collar felt like it could cut into my achilles. This all disappeared once I got running and it never bothered me. In fact, I think that the rigid plastic piece adds a touch of much needed structure to lớn what would probably be too flimsy of a heel cup in it’s absence.

Another aspect of the Flyknit upper on the Epic React is that it seems much more durable than any other Flyknit shoe I’ve worn. I hope this means its made to last as long as the midsole, but I fear that it will feel a bit hot once the temperatures heat up. The warmest temperature I tested the Epic React was about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, & my feet did not feel hot.

Nike Epic React Flyknit Conclusion

What Nike accomplished last season with the Vaporfly 4% marabé nhỏ racing shoe, so have sầu they done with the Epic React training shoe.

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They’ve raised the bar for their competitors by creating proprietary foams that feel different, and better, than anything else that is out there on the market. In the case of the Epic React, Nike has really done this without breaking the bank, especially if the durability claims are true.

With such a short testing period of one week I was able to lớn put five sầu runs in the Epic React ranging from short treadmill runs with hills and speed work, khổng lồ an eight mile easy run that got progressively faster. The Epic React is just plain fun to lớn run in.

From an aesthetic standpoint, this shoe is artful, và I think that it will stvà as a classic in both design và aesthetic. But frankly, I couldn’t care less. I’m a runner và I value functionality, comfort, & durability.

The Epic React has all three in spades, và Nike has managed to create a real running shoe that will please both the high mileage maradong dỏng crowd and the weekly jogger alike. Bravo Nike. Well done indeed.

We purchased a pair of the Nike Epic React Flyknit at Running Warehouse with our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.