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The Skullcandy JIB Wireless earbuds sound good, with powerful bass, and they have sầu a lightweight thiết kế. The six hours of battery life are disappointing, but at $35 keeping things simple isn"t a bad thing.
You’ve sầu probably heard of Skullcandy và may even know it as a popular headphone br& for people looking for affordability & decent amount of chất lượng. The company"s JIB Wireless earbuds, which sell for $35, appear lớn fit that bill.

That"s a good price, but công nghệ Bluetooth không dây headphones have become so popular that they"re basically commodities at this point. With the JIB, Skullcandy isn"t doing much khổng lồ make us rethink that conclusion — they"re pretty basic. 

So does the Skullcandy JIB deserve attention in a marketplace with a ton of options?

A bare-bones design


Thin audio cables connect the two earbuds and battery paông xã.

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At an under-$50 price point, Skullcandy didn"t have sầu much to lớn work with in terms of thiết kế. The JIB headphones have sầu a plastic build that"s super lightweight. The earbuds are connected to each other via thin audio cables, which don"t exactly scream "durable;" if you pull hard enough on one of these cables, it"ll likely rip out (I did not attempt). With normal use — commuting, at the gym, or at the office — you should be just fine, though. 

The left-hvà side features an ultra-basic in-line control that doesn"t mimic that of Apple earphones or other Skullcandy products. It has one button for controls & a microphone for taking calls or voice commands. Clicking the button will leave sầu you questioning the structural integrity of it, but rest assured it won"t break in daily use. The one-button control is used for power, Bluetooth pairing, answering calls, and playing or pausing the traông xã. Beyond that, you"ll need khổng lồ have your phone nearby to lớn skip or adjust the volume.


The plastic battery module leads lớn discomfort.

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Like all Bluetooth không dây headphones, you need khổng lồ pachồng batteries, a charging port, and Công nghệ Bluetooth connectivity somewhere on them. The JIB put all these inlớn a small plastic rectangle that sits in the middle of the audio cable. It has a glossy Skullcandy biệu tượng công ty, a single LED light, FCC information, và a micro-USB charging port. It also acts as a weight of sorts that aims to lớn keep the headphones from bouncing around. The micro-USB charging port has no door khổng lồ protect it, so be careful about getting the JIB wet.

In the box, Skullcandy provides a very short microUSB charging cable, but you"ll need lớn bring your own wall plug (so don"t expect any fast charging). The box also includes an extra pair of silicone ear gels — both small- & medium-kích cỡ are included. The medium ear gels, which are the ones that come attached to the earbuds out of the box, fit me pretty well. Although if neither of these fit, you will need to buy another set of ear gels at additional cost.

Sound quality


The drivers in the JIB are surpassingly powerful.

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The biggest surprise, considering the price: The sound chất lượng is not terrible! The JIB has a relatively balanced experience with an impressive amount of bass. Skullcandy packed decently sized 9mm drivers in each earbud, & you can hear the results. And even with the volume mix at the maximum, I didn"t experience any sound distortion.

I tested the JIB Wireless with a range of genres including rock’n roll, pop, and EDM. I noticed that tracks featuring both a set of vocals, electronic tones, and heavy bass offered an igiảm giá experience. The result is a rich sound with bass that packs a punch and keeps low & high tones at an appropriate range. Vocals come through when they need to, as do strings, horns, and drum beats across a variety of musical genres. 

The overall result is the JIB hitting all the right notes for almost all songs, although classical might be the one genre where the heavy bass is unwelcome.

Everyday use

My primary concern with the JIB Wireless was how they would hold up khổng lồ everyday use. After a few days, ranging from wearing them around the house to having them provide the soundtraông chồng for my commute, I walked away impressed.

With the kiến thiết, Skullcandy clearly focused on having the "buds stay in your ears & provide decent sound chất lượng. During my walk from the train station khổng lồ the office, the JIBs didn"t budge. The plastic piece that contains the battery and connects both sides took a bit lớn get used to: While it"s seemingly there khổng lồ keep the earbuds from flopping around, I found that it would end up rubbing against the bachồng of my neck or shirt, which was a little uncomfortable. 

After a little while, it didn"t bother me so much, but I wouldn"t recommover the JIBs for working out. The result would be the plastic piece bopping up và down as you move.

While six hours of battery life isn"t anything to lớn write trang chủ about (although it"s better than Apple"s AirPods, which are rated at five sầu hours), at this price point it"s pretty impressive sầu. However, if you plan lớn use them all day, you"ll need khổng lồ bring a charging cable and portable battery. 

I was left disappointed with the few times I used the JIB for calls. Considering the small in-line control and & the price tag, I didn"t phối the bar very high, but still. Bluetooth không dây connectivity wan"t an issue, but the điện thoại tư vấn unique sounded less than pleasing.

There was a surprising amount of static coming from my end, which at times could gargle my voice, though at other times it came through okay. Wind clearly has a significant effect as there is no screen covering the input đầu vào. The frustrations might not happen for every Hotline, but you"ll probably want khổng lồ play it safe và take calls on the phone itself.

A pleasant surprise

A pair of $35 headphones certainly should induce some skepticism. However, the Skullcandy JIB Wireless don"t disappoint — at least, not in the areas that matter most: They sound good & have a surprising amount of bass, plus they have sầu a thiết kế that keeps the earbuds secure in your ears.

The Skullcandy JIB Wireless are by no means perfect. The in-line control is not perfect by any means, & the one-button operation may in fact be too simple. And while the kiến thiết is lightweight, it doesn"t feel like the most durable. Lastly, the plastic battery module connecting the earbuds can be awkward.

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But even with these central cons, the pros outweigh them... at least for 35 bucks.

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